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Navigating the home internet market shouldn’t feel like navigating a maze. Most telecommunications companies utilize the same infrastructure to offer nearly identical service, yet the costs vary greatly. At Comwave, we want to make home internet simple. We are steadfast in our belief that accessing fast and reliable internet should be priced fairly for everyone. We aim to meet this commitment by delivering the fastest and cheapest internet in Cornwall and across Canada, with plans starting at only $22.95 monthly.

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Comwave Internet Offers in Cornwall

Comwave has an internet plan for every home in Cornwall. Choose the speed that best suits your usage so that you get fast-enough internet, without paying for excessive speeds that you don’t really need. Larger households, or those who demand a lot from their home internet will likely want to upgrade to a faster download speed. 

Choose from our three plans to find the best speed for your home:

  • The Fast Plan: 30 Mbps for $22.95 per month
  • The Super Fast Plan: 300 Mbps for $69.95 per month
  • The Crazy Fast Plan: 1,000 Mbps (1 Gb) for $74.95 per month

If you need help deciding which speed is the most appropriate for your home, you can try our  Speed Finder tool for a quick assessment of your household’s usage habits.

From the charming Cornwall Harbour to the suburbs of Glenview Heights, Comwave is dedicated to ensuring high-quality and affordable internet access for every corner of Cornwall. Whether you’re a resident of Riverdale or a student at St. Lawrence College, having a dependable internet connection is essential for both work and leisure. 

Streaming your favourite shows, conducting research, or connecting with friends and family is all made easier with the seamless connectivity that Comwave provides. Don’t compromise on your internet experience–choose Comwave for unmatched reliability and value without the frustration of buffering or sky-high bills.

There are dozens of internet providers in Cornwall, but only one that can offer the cheapest rates for fast, reliable internet. Comwave makes the search for home internet simple. We’ve done the research so you don’t have to, and Comwave offers the most affordable high-speed internet without data caps, hidden fees, overage charges, or tricky fine print. Just the same reliable high-speed internet that the competition offers, without gouging prices.

If you’re still a fan of having dedicated TV service, Comwave has the perfect solution for you. By combining your internet and TV plans with Comwave, you’re not only getting a seamless entertainment experience but also saving more on your bills. Starting at just $42.95, Comwave internet and TV plans bring exceptional value to every corner of your home entertainment setup.

For the online streaming enthusiast, all Comwave internet plans can be purchased as stand-alone options. Connect on your terms by choosing the speed that perfectly fits your home’s usage. If you’re unsure what the ideal speed is for you, don’t worry–the Speed Finder is here to help you make an informed decision.

Comwave offers outstanding value for your home TV plan and brings a fresh twist to the conventional TV experience. With Comwave, we use the Amazon Firestick to power your cable TV. Control your Comwave TV using the Firestick or the convenient Comwave TV app. And here’s the icing on the cake. The app lets you watch TV on the move, accessing your TV plan from your iOS smartphone or tablet to stay connected to your favourite shows and events, wherever you are with Comwave TV.

Choose from our three TV plans with the option to add specialty packages to make your TV package even more personalized around your needs:

Millennial TV Plan

  • Get access to essential news, sports, reality TV, and more with the Millennial TV Plan.
  • Featuring popular channels like CP24, TSN, Global, NBC, Sportsnet, ABC, and more.
  • Priced at just $19.95 per month.

Family + Kids TV Plan

  • The Family + Kids TV Plan provides entertainment for the whole family!
  • Enjoy the same channels as the Millennial Plan, plus ABC Spark, Family Channel, Treehouse, and other kid-friendly programming. 
  • Priced at only $24.95 per month.

I Love TV Plan

  • Unlock the ultimate TV experience, including news, sports, kid-friendly channels, reality TV, specialty entertainment, movies, documentaries, and more.
  • Channels include favourites like ABC, A&E, HGTV, Global, Movie Time, CBC, CityTV, ESPN, E!, Discovery Channel, Treehouse, Food Network, TSN, and many more.
  • Priced at $49.95 per month.

In today’s digital world, reliable internet is becoming a fundamental necessity. As more of life shifts online, we spend more of our time online. The average Canadian aged 18-64 now spends over six hours rely on the internet every day. A good internet connection makes this time more productive, ensuring that waiting for loading screens becomes a thing of the past.

Comwave recognizes the significance of staying connected, offering the fastest and most cost-effective internet in Cornwall. Whether you spend most of your time online for business or for pleasure, Comwave is dedicated to delivering an efficient and affordable experience.

Every internet service provider in Canada uses similar basic infrastructure, with the cables owned by the largest telecommunications companies. So what makes Comwave the stand-out service provider in Cornwall? It’s about offering the best value, creating a user-friendly experience, and giving top-notch customer service.

Comwave’s main goal is to provide reliable internet at a great price, without any hidden fees or usage limitations. But it’s not just about cost. With over 20 years of experience, we’re experts at ensuring our customers are happy. Got questions? Our customer support team is always here to help you out.

Home internet in Canada is among the most expensive in the world. At Comwave, we are making it as affordable as possible. With three download speeds to choose from, you can get an internet plan that meets your needs, at the best prices on the market.

  • Get 30 Mbps download speeds for $22.95 per month with our Fast Plan
  • Up that to 300 Mbps for $69.95 per month with the Super Fast Plan
  • Find the best value with the Crazy Fast Plan and get 1000 Mbps for only $74.95 per month

With so many internet service providers to choose from, it is wise to compare a few before committing to one. Knowing what to look for is the first step on the road to a satisfying home internet experience. When shopping for internet in Cornwall, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Availability in Cornwall: Not every provider can offer all of their plans to every corner of the province. Step one for internet shopping is to verify which services are available at your specific Cornwall address.
  • Speed: The next step is to know what you are looking for. Using a tool like our Speed Finder page can help you gauge what download speed you will want for your home. 
  • Cost: Most service providers can deliver decent home internet, but most of them will overcharge or limit your usage, making it tricky to find the best deal.
  • Savings and Promotions: Many companies offer special discounts or promotions. Comwave gives you even better value and choice by offering 6 months of free service if you commit to a 3 year term, or a no-commitment month to month term at the exact same monthly fee – the choice is yours.

Don’t fret about changing internet providers. The process might be a little tedious, but it is worth it. By following a few simple steps, you can have your new modem set up and take advantage of great savings:

  • Cancel your current plan: Contact your current service provider to inform them that you won’t be renewing your term. They might charge a cancellation fee if you still have time left on your term, but when you calculate the costs, you’ll see that the savings youl get with Comwave will cover any cancellation fees and more over time.
  • Transfer your connection: Comwave will send a technician to your home in Cornwall to help install your new modem and transfer your internet connection. 
  • Update your billing: Pay your final bill with your old provider, then update your new Comwave billing cycle.

Comwave is all about keeping you connected seamlessly with reliable, fast, and budget-friendly internet. Our mission is straightforward: to offer you limitless, high-speed connectivity without limitations or complications.

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to our customers. We prioritize your experience in our pricing, installation, and customer support. That’s why we offer several speed options, all for some of the lowest prices on the market. You’re in control of selecting the ideal plan that matches your browsing, streaming, and work needs. Whether you’re a light web user, a remote worker, or a devoted internet power user, we have a plan tailored to your daily demands, home size, and device usage.

With over two decades of experience, Comwave has been a dependable internet provider, serving communities like Cornwall with complete dedication and openness. When you pick Comwave, you’re choosing reliable, high-speed internet without any surprises.

So, why settle for one of the Big Guys when you can have the best? Join Comwave today and experience the convenience of fast and affordable internet in Cornwall for yourself.


Yes. Comwave home internet in Cornwall includes in-home Wi-Fi compatible with all wireless-enabled devices.

The highest speed internet available in Cornwall is 1000 Mbps or 1 Gbps.

Yes. Comwave connects most of Ontario and Canada. Let us know where you are located to find out what options are available at your address.

Our stand-alone internet plans in Cornwall are available in three speeds–30 Mbps for $22.95/month, 300 Mbps for $69.95/month, and 1,000 Mbps for $74.95/month.

Parental controls are available on all Comwave modems, though the exact set-up will vary depending on your specific modem model. Contact customer service for assistance setting up parental controls on your home network.

No. All of our internet plans come with unlimited usage, no usage-based fees, and no overage charges.

No. Comwave does not throttle internet services in Cornwall or anywhere else. Learn more about our service guarantees in our Terms & Conditions.

We aim to install your Cornwall internet as quickly as possible. Installation times will depend on your services and location. You can find your schedule when you start a service order or call customer service.

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